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All our courses are conducted in various modes. Since students are joining Pan-India and abroad we well, we are offering the choice of Online, Offline and Mix mode batches.
The Ashtanga Institute offers various courses in Yoga and Naturopathy. These courses are all Government recognised. We have 1500 + happy students who have completed short / Long term courses with us. Our students are our best ambassadors who speak about our Quality education, Dedicated, personal support.
We run small student batches so that we can provide personalise attention.

Duration : 1 month

Start Date : 1st of every month

Fees : Rs. 3,000*


*Govt. exam fees is not included.

1. Certificate course in Yoga
Govt of India – Ministry of AYUSH

This is a foundation course for anyone who wants to learn yoga basics in a scientific way. This course gives knowledge & skills to teach basic asanas, pranayama and prayers. A must for every yoga lover !:

Sample Certificate:

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2. Diploma in Yoga Teachers Training
Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)

Our attempt is to make you a world class teacher. We use all our experience to guide and train you so that you become a confident teacher. Get 5 different certificates including AAYUSH certificate. Below are some of the highlights :


Yog Siddhant

1 Yog Parichay

Yoga Definitions, Misconceptions, History & Different types 

2 Into. To Important Yoga Branches

Patanjal Yogsutra, Bahiranga / Antaranga Yog, Hath Pradipika, Gherand Samhita

3 Yogabhyas

Importance of Prarthana & Upasana, Preparations, Lesson Planning & Asanas

4 Remaining Yoga Limbs

Pranayama, Shat Karmas, Difference in Yoga & Exercises

Science of Education

1 Yogic Education

Yoga Education Background, Education and Yoga, Objectives of Students & Teachers

2 Yogic Education: Need & Importance

Guiding principles for teaching, Basic Principles, Group yoga education - Need & Importance

3 Supporting Tools for Yoga Education

Environment, Ideal Yoga Teacher, Lesson Planning & Micro Planning

4 Yoga Class

Class Manager – definition, Guidance, Management & Educational Tools & Effective Usage


Anatomy & Physiology

1 Cells, Muscular  and skeletal

Types of Cells and its functions, Muscular System, Skeletal System

2 Joints,Spinal cord,cardio vascular system

Joints: types and functions, spinal column, Cardiovascular system & Heart: structure and functio

3 Respiratory and Digestive sytems

Respiratory system, Digestive system & Supporting Glands for digestion

4 Reproductive System, Excretory system, Nervous system, Endocrine Glands

Excretory system, Reproductive system, Nervous system & Endocrine Glands

Indian Diet

1 Concept of Health and Diet

Personality and Health, Concept and Definition of Health, Cleanliness & Diet and Modern Lifestyles

2 Types of Diet

Diet: Ayurvedic, Yogic and Modern perspective, Aahar Sanskar, Diet: Shada-Rus, Saptadhatu, Three Gunas

3 Yogic Diet and Modern Lifestyles

Yogic & Modern diet, Veg/Non Veg Food& & Processed food / Unhealthy Practices

4 Aahaar/Vihaar

Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Diet - Digestive System and Environment


  1. Prayer: Concept & Recitation of Pranava & HYMNS
  2. Yoga Cleansing techniques 
  3. Yogic Sukshna vyayam & Sthula vyayam
  4. Yogic Surya Namaskar
  5. Yogasana
  6. Preparatory breathing practices
  7. Pranayam
  8. Understanding of Bandhas
  9. Understanding of Mudras
  10. Practices leading to Meditation

Duration :1 year

Start Date :Admission starts in the month of June every year. Academic duration is August to May. Final Board exams are held in the month of June every year.

Fees :Rs. 19,500 for Ashtanga Diploma

*University course fees will be as per university norms

Duration :2 years part time

Start Date :Admissions start in month of June every year

Fees :as per university norms (Roughly 12k per semester)

3. M.A. Yogashastra - Open Distance and Learning (ODL)

Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University(2 Year - 4 Semesters)

University established by State Govt. of Maharashtra and UGC Recognized

Best Masters Degree course in yoga that you can complete from the security of your home. We bring you a unique course with complete hand-holding for theory as well as practicals. Will well prepared books you can study at your own pace.

4. YCB (QCI) Level 1/2/3/4 course
Govt of India – Ministry of AYUSH

These are the various levels of certifications currently launched by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. We are an official exam centre for all levels of courses. Every yoga teacher should get these certifications done for various reasons !:

Duration :3-4 months for every level

Start Date :pls check on phone / whatsapp for actual date

Fees :pls check on phone / whatsapp for actual fees

Duration : 1 month

Start Date : 1st of every month

Fees : Rs. 3,000

5. Certificate course in Advance Asan

For Details/Admissions please Get in Touch with us. We will be more than happy to guide you.