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We offer Various types of Corporate Yoga Classes in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and across India. We have a team of well trained and certified yoga professionals. Our trainers can have excellent communication skills and the required skills to conduct sessions in professional environments. We have worked with client like Mastek, Hexaware, Mastercard, Majesco, GOQii, 63 Moons, Asian Paints etc. We offer Office Yoga, Chair Yoga, Power Yoga, Corporate Wellness Programs, Yoga for IT and BPO Companies are at Competitive rates, customization and flexibility.

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Our Services in Nut Shell

Chair / Office / Desktop Yoga

Session of 30 / 45 / 60 minute that include Asanas / Pranayama & Meditation/Relaxation techniques.

Power Yoga

Vinyasa based Asthanga Yoga for weight loss, Toning, Strength & Stamina. Higher benefits in shorter time !

Meditation & Pranayam

Special sessions for relaxation and stress management.

Computer Ergonomics

Correcting Postures and yoga poses that can be done while seated in a chair.

Therapeutic Yoga

For help in treatment of specific health issues like Back Pain, Wrist pain, Diabetes, Stress management etc.

Laughter Yoga

Most of our corporate sessions include these sessions. Laughter helps to release blocked emotions and free up mind of individuals. This is one of the best therapies today for therapeutic purposes.

Our services are flexible to the needs of the client and are offered with following variations

Chair / Desk/Office Yoga :

These sessions do NOT need special space arrangement for conducting yoga sessions. Sessions are conducted at employee desks itself making the use of employee workstation space. Session of 30 / 45 / 60 minute that include Stretches, Asanas, Pranayamas & Meditation/Relaxation techniques. These sessions are very useful for employees as they can practice same asanas / stretching exercises life long after the session.

Computer Ergonomics :

Employees seat long hours in chairs and sometimes they use wrong postures which cause issues like back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc. Most of the time they are NOT aware of correct postures, correct ways of setting up their monitor screen, foot rest etc. These sessions help them in correcting Postures, changing their wrong habits and also help prevent and cure acute / chronic pain. 

Power Yoga:

There is high demand for these power packed sessions in younger workforce. These sessions provide, strength and flexibility training and help to improve the stamina as well. These help for weight loss, Body toning, Increases the Strength & Stamina. Useful for IT / BPO employees or anyone with sedentary work style. These sessions end with Pranayama and meditations.

Therapeutic Yoga:

Therapeutic yoga refers to the application of techniques and practices to support people facing physical and mental health challenges. Along with its sister discipline Ayurveda, yoga has been practised therapeutically for thousands of years. It helps in treatment of specific health issues like Back Pain, Wrist pain, Diabetes, Stress management etc. These sessions can be designed to address a particular health issue or can be designed to cover multiple health problems. Yoga therapy is the use of certain specific yoga poses in a sequence along with pranayama techniques to help maintain and heal the body. 


Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state These sessions are highly in demand as they provide a solution for stress management, Anxiety and Depression

Laughter Yoga:

Laughter Yoga (LY) is not a comedy. It is an exercise program developed by Indian physician Dr Madan Kataria where anyone can laugh without relying on humour, jokes or comedies. It is practised in more than 110 countries. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques (Pranayama) which brings more oxygen to our body and brain making us feel more energetic and healthy. Ten to 15 minutes of LY exercises can reduce stress, make your immune system stronger and keep your mind positive during challenging times

Most people in the corporate world are effected by the stress and tension that their workload places on them. Corporate yoga offers several benefits to workers and also the company that employs them.

Improvement in Body Ailments

Long hours in front of the computer, deadlines to meet and a lack of relaxation time can take a toll on the mind and the body. Back pain, neck problems, eye problems, headaches and general muscular tension are common ailments among busy people in the corporate world. Corporate yoga provides employees a convenient and cost-effective option that they can use to improve their well-being. Yoga practice under the guidance of a trained professional like us can improve flexibility, build strength, improve posture and reduce muscular tension.

Stress Management

Yoga postures and breathing techniques provide help to reduce mental and physical stress. Breathing exercises calm the mind and yoga postures alleviate tension in the body. This is beneficial to the employees as well as the employer. Employees who feel more relaxed and comfortable will like their job more and experience fewer health complaints related to stress. Yoga also improves the immune system, aids in the removal of toxic waste from the system and reduces fatigue. Happier and healthier employees will result in a lower number of sick days for employers.

Better Relationships

Workplaces that offer corporate yoga offer a place for employees to come together, relax and practice together. This improves the sense of community and helps employees in building relationships with one another. Corporate yoga can benefit people at different fitness levels and offers several simple movements that are practical and useful. This perk also makes a workplace more attractive to current and prospective employees. Satisfied and happy employees usually result in a reduction in staff turnover.

Improvement in Workplace Efficiency

Regular yoga practice improves focus and concentration among employees. It also improves their ability to stay calm under stressful situations, thereby improving their confidence and success rates. Corporate yoga also fosters team-building and improves communication among employees. It improves morale and lowers chances of depression among employees. The improvement in efficiency and lower rates of absenteeism often leads to greater productivity and profits for the company. Companies that offer corporate yoga usually enjoy lower health care premiums as well.